The Register of Overseas Entities is now live at Companies House. Any overseas company owning UK real estate purchased after 31 January 1999 must have submitted its beneficial ownership information in a prescribed form through a Companies House appointed UK UK Regulated Agent. Registrations made after 31 January 2023 in respect of properties acquired before this date are subject to late registration penalties.

UK Regulated Agent

As a UK Regulated Agent, Compliance on Demand will assist you in verifying the beneficial ownership details of the overseas entity, and submit your registration to Companies House.


Compliance on Demand has been acting for a range of reputable law firms and overseas managers since the inception of the Overseas Register in August 2022.

Failure to register:

Our fees for new registrations start at £1,000. Our Annual Renewal service starts at £250.


Q: What happens when the submission becomes accepted?

A: If Companies House accepts the submission, the designated contact will be sent a unique Overseas Entity ID to give to the land registry.

Q: How long does it take to hear from Companies House?

A: We have found Companies House tend to respond on submitted registrations within 2 working days.

Q: Do I need to pay additional disbursements?

A: Yes. Companies House charge a fee of £120 per registration and we pass on the costs of our online PEP and Sanctioned Person checks.

Q: Is there an annual filing requirement?

A: Yes. Your annual filing is due one year after your company was registered. You will have 14 days after this date to submit the filing. An annual renewal must be filled irrespective of if there have been any material changes to your company information. Compliance on Demand will be able to assist you with this requirement.

Q: What if the overseas entity has disposed of property after 28th February 2022?

A: Whether this is a full or partial disposal, you must still register.

Q: What if the overseas entity wholly owns several properties?

A: You only need to submit one registration.